Best Walking Shoes for Men With Flat Feet [2021]

When the arches of feet are not positioned properly, it makes the soles of your feet to touch the ground. Your arch needs to be flexible if you want a smooth and comfortable walk. Some people have issues with their arches. This article will discuss the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Having flat feet is normal in men. Sometimes, having flat feet cause certain issues. But if you have mild symptoms, you can walk regularly by using comfortable shoes.

Worried about your flat feet? We are here to help you choose the best shoes.

4 person with best shoes for flat feet

Best Walking Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

1. Brooks Dyad 10

Brooks Dyad 10

If you are looking for high rated shoes of Brooks, there is the best option for you to buy them and enjoy the logo of Brooks with all its features.

This is specially made for those who are really overambitious runners. That’s why known as the best running shoes for flat feet.

Advance technologies in this sneaker are really praised by the users. Cushioning and comfort demonstrate that these sneakers are made for flat feet.

BioMoGo technology in these sneakers is environmental-friendly and these features make sneakers profile low weight. Lightweight sneakers help in running for a long distance.

  • Flat outsoles are good for various surfaces.
  • Guiderail for flexibility.
  • Stability pods in midfoot.
  • Breathability is double.
  • The shoe look is not good.
  • Toe box is not enough room for a few feet.

2. Brooks Beast 18

 Brooks Beast 18

The best shoes are to control motion and designed to understand all the biomechanics of running. These sneakers are dynamically very important for overpronation and known as the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation.

Ignoring overpronation intensifies your joints pain and other pains in the heel and ankles around. Brooks sneaker came to market with all the advanced technologies that can control your pains by giving you leisure in various ways.

So, the products of Brooks will give you freedom from harm and will make your life easy to easier. These sneakers with Brooks logo are with perforated upper and give good ventilation of fresh air.

  • Perforated upper performs good breathability.
  • Three-layered midsole for cushioning.
  • Heel guard cup for stability.
  • Segmented pad for strong grip.
  • High in weight.
  • The toe part is narrow for a few.

3. Hoka One One Arahi 3

Hoka One One Arahi 3 - best shoes for flat feet

Hoka realized the need for runners and tried to manufacture an imperial product. Hoka One One offers a new well stable sneaker in the market.

“Stability is outstanding with this product of Hoka” reviewed by many users. Many of them say stability is inversely proportional to weight in this sneaker.

The company developed a new type of midsole which is above in cushioning but low infirmity. This is known as J frame midsole.

Lightweight and high cushioning of midsole help in rating it high. High density from the forefoot and low density from the heel area gives the alignment instability.

  • J Framed midsole design.
  • Meta rocker technology for stability purposes.
  • Best stability with low weight.
  • Breathable and comfortable enough.
  • Not very good for overpronation.
  • Arch support is not strong.

4. ASICS GEL Kayano 26

ASICS GEL Kayano 26

ASICS is serving its customers for many decades. These sneakers are the best shoes for flat feet. ASICS always tries to develop something better than predecessors.

ASICS first time introduced gel technology in the shoe market. This gel technology is really clapped by the users and lauded in various ways.

ASICS didn’t make still its advancement and developed Kayano 26 with a gel system up to midfoot. The lateral side of the shoe can show gel.

This gel doesn’t only provide cushioning or softness but also damps all impacts. This gel disperses pressure around the foot and helps in providing easiness.

  • This is the advance iteration of ASICS.
  • Breathable and strong fitting upper.
  • Fabric avoid blistering.
  • Very good for overpronation.
  • Stiff guidance system in midfoot.
  • Unraveling of shoelaces.
  • Toe box less roomy.
  • The color scheme may be unlikable.

5. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

Many features are demanded by users in running. Nike focuses on all the requirements and tries to make the best walking shoes for flat feet.

Every new version launched by Nike Air Zoom is better to best. So, Nike is very conscious about users and always manufactures the product that is helpful for runners with flat feet or high arch.

This sneaker is for flat feet with all the modern technologies necessary for runners. Air Zoom Structure 22 is adaptive in giving comfort and leisure in long run duration.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 is sewed in flywire cable to offer a lockdown fitting which won’t be loose, it doesn’t matter how hard you are running.

  • Comfortable for overpronation.
  • Breathable upper with fabrics look.
  • A guidance system is introduced for stability.
  • The midsole is very comfortable and dense foamy.
  • Flexibility is poor.
  • The toe box is small.
  • Heel collar is not luxurious.

6. HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2

HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2

HOKA introduced Gaviota in 2017. This brand had many reported cases of irritation. Then Hoka worked on this brand and solved all the problems reviewed by the customers and created the best men’s walking shoes for flat feet.

Now the successor of Gaviota is more luxurious and stable than before. The company tried to combat all challenges and introduced the product which is more brilliant in all kinds of environments.

Hoka used J-Framed technology in upper, EVA foam and rubber midsole, and synthetic rubber with segmented paddy outsole.

Upper is mesh type, delivering secure fitting and offering long-lasting breathability. Upper is responsible for all-time dryness of shoe and foot.

  • It is powerhouse stability shoe.
  • Upper is mesh type.
  • Long last cushioning.
  • J Framed upper.
  • Blend of EVA and rubber in the midsole.
  • Only helpful for overpronation.
  • Weight is high.

7. Altra Provision 3.5

Altra Provision 3.5 - Best shoes for flat feet

This one is of Altra’s most stable and comfortable sneaker. This is considered to be one of the best shoes for flat feet which can save overpronation.

The modern technology in Provision 3.5 provides support to the midfoot to avoid inward roll. Chance of overpronation is reduced by assisting of the guide rail, stabilipods and with a slope to the outward of the foot.

Finally, all the technologies equally participate in controlling overpronation. A-bound material is used for making midsole. This is a very reliable material that gives premium cushioning to the users.

This A-bound material is formed from the recycling of different materials. Upper is breathable and well-circulating air in the whole shoe.

  • The best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation.
  • Stabilipod provides good stability.
  • Natural Ride System for helping in natural gaiting.
  • Guiderail for flexibility.
  • The most stable sneakers.
  • Sockliner sometimes discolored the socks.
  • Costly shoes with high weight.

8. Saucony Echelon 7 (Best Shoes For Flat Feet)

Saucony Echelon 7 Best walking shoes for flat feet

This shoe is the new iteration of Saucony which provides full feet comfortability and support with accommodating fit. EVERUN innersole and cushioning midsole make this sneaker ready for any kind of walk.

This is the reason for becoming the best men’s walking sneakers for flat feet. The toe box is roomy and welcomes any orthotic.

Sockliner is thickly doubled just to deliver strong cushioning and comfort with firm fitting. Upper is breathable and very efficient in air circulation.

Soft upper also helps in tight-fitting of shoes with the help of midsole. This version is serving both men and women equally.

  • 8mm thick sockliner.
  • Heel support guide.
  • Carbon foam in outsole for durability.
  • Open mesh upper for breathability.
  • Arch support is not well standardized.
  • Profile is not likable for a few customers.

9. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Best walking Shoes for men with Flat Feet

Brooks Adrenaline GTS is the 20th edition of this model which is supportive, stable and comfortable for both overpronators and neutral runners.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is the best shoes for flat feet women and men both.  All advanced technologies in this brand have been proved to be helpful in complete luxury.

Flex groove is updated to the midsole and outsole of this sneaker to pay assist in every gaiting cycle. The guide rail is well designed to the shape of the shoe, just to provide extra flexibility and changed the shape of shoe accordingly requirement.

The upper mesh is also very soft in material with big porosity to evaporating all moisture. So, the upper is good in making the foot dry and keeps fresh always.

  • Flex grooves in outsole.
  • Guiderail helps instability.
  • Both good for overpronators and neutral runners.
  • Segmented outsole pad for stability and balance.
  • Tongue is long.
  • The toe box is less roomy.
  • The color spectrum is weak.

10. New Balance 860v10

New Balance 860v10 - Best walking shoes for men with flat feet

New Balance is reliable to the users and has been a long-time favorite among professional runners, hikers, and mountaineers.

This iteration of New Balance is stepped up including all old features. This feature is the best shoes for flat feet women.

Different marathon participants and Olympic winners appreciated this version and believe that this is one of the most comfortable and soft choices for long-distance running.

New Balance 860v10 is installed with a deep heel cup to gain maximum stability and strong fitting. 3D-molded heel design lends to complete fit and performs support to foot because of good lock up.

  • 3D molded heel design.
  • Tongue also participates in breathability.
  • Accommodated toe box.
  • Stability is high as compared to other models.
  • Favorite of Olympic and marathon participators.
  • The heel cup is firm.
  • Forefoot fabric can cause blistering.

Buyers Guide

Sneakers for flat feet are not included some technical science. These are with some specific points which help the flat feet in walking, running and other sturdy activities.

These points are different in all sneakers. But ideal shoes are having all the main points in specific percentages. A few parameters are significantly important and must have a rating above limitations for the use of flat feet.

Best walking Shoes for men with Flat Feet

Supportive arch and cushioning not only enough for flat feet sneakers but also there are many other parameters that should cross the limits.

Here are a few parameters you must check before buying sneakers for daily usage.

Support & Stability

Dynamic motion in running shoes much needs support and stability to avoid any mishaps. Running feet don’t focus on the surface which they are stepping on.

Wilts and rough areas in running need much care for runners. This care doesn’t depend on the vision of runner only, but running footwear are also responsible for it.

Though, running shoes must provide good stability and support to the runners. The sneakers mentioned above are all checked and passed with our testers.

The critical eye look of our checkers examined the sneakers meticulously after they concluded this list of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

They have worn out these sneakers and put them in different environments to test. In different running and hiking, they concluded the support and stability.

One of our executors’ team under the head of Sir. Johns revealed the importance of the support and stability. Then team members answered about different sneakers’ stability and support.

Concluding their results, I can say that all sneakers firmly grip the foot from upper and sock liner also participates in this strong grip. Support from upper and from midsole both plays an equal role.

Upper fix upside of feet and soles catch down part. Deep heel cup and other technologies of heel area in different sneakers help in controlling heel movement.

An important technology is used nowadays called 3D-Heel design also collaborates in some sneakers to grip and support the heel

 A midsole is also very important for the stability of a shoe. Stability requires to keep balance the feet.

Midsole and outsole both are very good stability providers for the runners. Lace-up closure and padded collar also play a significant role in support and stability.

Breathability & Comfort

Buyers can’t ignore these both parameters and can’t compromise on them. Breathability is very essential factor for long distance runners.

Keeping shoes fresh and odor-free is a basic need of every buyer. Thus, breathability is an important factor.

Our executors also work on the comfortability and breathability of these sneakers and got better results.

Their reviews and the comments of other buyers both merge and the above list of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet was concluded.

Upper should be porous enough to let the air pass through it. Thus, fresh air blows in it and the spoiled air can leave your shoes.

The tongue of a shoe should also be porous. It should also help in breathing as well as upper. The mesh-like appearance of the upper keeps the shoes and feet healthy.

Moisture can easily evaporate through these pores. This porosity is helpful in the dryness of the foot.

Cushioning is the other aspect that can also render us comfortability. Cushioning is an important factor and nobody can ignore its importance.

About all the shoe parts which touch the foot are participating in cushioning. Innersole of a sneaker withstands the pressure of weight and any impact more.

Flat feet on a green mat

So, first cushioning is provided by innersole. Innersole of your selected sneaker must be formed of special dense foam with soft outer lining.

Midsole used in the above-described sneakers are all made from EVA foam. Some sneakers in the list of the best shoes for flat feet have midsole of a blend of rubber and EVA.

This blend increases cushioning and bears more impact than simple foam. The midsole absorbs all impacts and damp all vibrations on a sneaker.

So, midsole mainly participates in cushioning of sneakers. Gel technology is also introduced in many sneakers which helps in absorbing more impacts.

This gel equally disperses throughout the midsole or on the heel area of the midsole. It varies from shoe to shoe and company to company.

The gel accommodates pressure on the complete foot and nullifies this pressure. Outsoles are also helpful in cushioning because of its rubber-made nature. This synthetic rubber is elastic in nature and can bear any impact.

Arch Support and Overpronation

 As described earlier, flat feet are a more painful type of feet for men. It doesn’t only harm the runners but also causes discomforts during walking.

Flat feet runner offers overpronation on walking and running. Their feet roll inward and the balance of weight moves inward also.

Not all flat feet execute this phenomenon, but most of them. Therefore, sneakers manufacturing companies steer towards the control of overpronation by changing in the design of shoes.

Although stability works for motion control of each step but this stability is not enough to control the pronation of feet.

Arch of flat feet is fully fallen to the ground and their weight balance is also different from the neutral or high arch foot. Flat feet are soft enough to roll down inward.

The special changes in the best men’s walking shoes for flat feet are midfoot pod which stops the inward movement of the foot.

The density of the foam is also changed from area to area. The amount of density decreases from big toe to like toe.

So, this pattern of density also controls the inward motion of feet and helps in reducing overpronation. The grooves in the outsole also assist in controlling this feet problem.

Types of Flat Feet

Flat feet are of two types. One is really flat feet and the other is collapsed arch due to muscle issues.

If you are flat feet by birth, the use of supportive high arch shoes can lead your knees to pain and this pain can hurt you permanently.

So, understanding the type of flat feet before shopping for a new pair of shoes is very important for your future life.


The midsole of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet are fully touched to the ground. High arch shoes are detrimental to flat feet. Flat feet shoe selection is also a very significant step.

A wrong selection of sneakers can put you in trouble. Instead of serving you, flat feet midsole are fully flat. Its footwear should also be flat with well cushioning and high support.

Flat feet footwear shouldn’t be hard because flat feet put all weight and pressure on the whole surface of a shoe.


Flat feet are one of the toughest situations of feet. Different sneakers are used for flat feet but in our opinion, the best material of a flat feet sneaker should be a little rigid.

Soft material is not good for flat feet because a rigid material is easy to control than the softer one. The main thing in the best walking shoes for flat feet is sole.

The soles provide cushioning, support and stability. Flat feet should choose a sneaker with stiff soles. So, their movements can be controlled easily.

Upper should be fabric and must be of mesh type. The inner material of a sneaker must be soft. It should not make blisters on the skin of the users.

Advance Technologies

Technologies in different sneakers are very helpful to increase features. These technologies are workable for buyers and very helpful in providing different qualities.

These technologies assist in giving comfort to the users. Different technologies are used in the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Most of them are tripled layer of the midsole which provides premium cushioning and damps all impacts. Guiderail promotes the stability of each step and helps in balancing sneakers.

Deep heel cup design is very special for the heel, fixes the heel in this groove for full support and fitting. Carbon foam added in outsole rubber is very important to increase its durability.

The segmented pad on the outsole offers flexibility and mould to the shape of the ground to grip it well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best walking shoes for men with flat feet?

Above mentioned all sneakers are well suitable for waking for flat feet. But “Saucony Echelon 7” & “HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2” are the best for walking.

What is the best workout shoe for flat feet?

“Dyad 10” is the best workout shoe for flat feet. You can work all day wearing it.

Which one is the best shoe for flat feet?

All are the best shoes for flat feet because all the shoes are well cushioned, stable and flexible. But “Brooks Dyad 10”, ”Brooks Beast 18” and “New Balance 860v10 are the best shoes for flat feet.

What type of running shoe good for flat feet?

Well cushioning, high stability, well balanced, high breathable and flexible shoes are good for flat feet. “Brooks Dyad 10” and “New Balance 860v10″ are the best sneakers.

What are the best shoe brands for flat feet?

Saucony, New Balance, Brooks, HOKA ONE ONE AND Nike are ranked as the best shoe brands for flat feet.