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Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day in 2024

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Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day in 2024

Though shoes are comfortable for us, yet we need more comfort during running, jumping, hiking, and other athletic activities. To deal with the shock produced during these activities, we need the best shoe inserts.

A shoe insert provides great comfort to our feet. This article discusses the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

4 Shoes insoles of different color

The best shoe inserts for standing all day make us fresh during our work all day.

Without inserts, our feet can get sore and our shoes can get damage early if wear for a long time.

Our each step impacts on earth, the earth reverses this impact back to our foot. Each stride needs much cushioning. Insoles are useful for this purpose.

They give us comfort while running. These are known as extra cushioning objects. Inserts are durable, easy to use, fit to every shoe, more cushioning, shock absorbent, comfortable and easily changeable.

Insoles are cheap, have a limited life. You need to change your shoe insert before expiry to enjoy full comfort.

Insoles are of different sizes for different shoes. The thickness of the insoles is different. You can choose the best option according to your requirement. Thick layer insoles give more fitting. But it is useful to low fitting boots.

These insoles have a supportive arch to relieve the pain of the ankles and the knees. Here are our ten most useful inserts.


10 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day

1. Superfeet Green Premium Shoe Insole

best shoe inserts for standing all day

Superfeet Green inserts are professional, comfortable, orthotic support, stable inserts at affordable rates.

The shape of super feet inserts is highly supportive, balance and flexible to provide full comfort to the wearer.

This insert reduces tension in feet, ankles, and knees. A deep and wide cup of the heel provides full fitting to absorbs the shocks effectively.

A stable cup of the insert is a supportive surface of the foamy layer and provides stability and balance to the insole.

The layer of dense foam provides a good cushioning with a supportive arch.  This great cushioning puts this insole in the list of the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

The heel of this insert is comfortable to use. Dense foam with close up pattern of polyethylene gives enough comfort and shock resistance.

The organic layer on the outside coating has antimicrobial effects and prevents the formation of bacterial growth.

Hence, this shoe insert doesn’t produce any bad odor. These insoles have a limited life of 12 months or 500 miles.


  • It provides orthotic support.
  • Good shock absorption capacity.
  • Reduces tension on the ankle and knees.
  • Easy to insert.
  • Antimicrobial surface.
  • Replaces the expensive orthotic foam.


  • Limited in use.
  • The color looks awkward for some users.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis

This insole is beneficial for those with bad knees, painful ankles, and muscle fatigue. This provides double cushioning and comfort to

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Insoles are the best option for diabetic and footsore patients. This is considered as the best option for workers who stand for all day.

These insoles give enough energy and stable stride. People wearing Dr.
Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles move 10% more than their normal

Bouncier gel is used in the heel area that provides a spring-like appearance during the walk. This bouncier gel forms the large ripple waves that provide comfort to the wearer.

The forefoot consists of multilayer gel which springs you back in your stride. In forefoot gel, responsive waves generate that assist cushioning and give great comfort while walking.

This pressure on the gel in rearfoot and forefoot bounces back foot and gives no effort stride. These are one of the best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.


  • Keep energized throughout the day.
  • Provide superior comfort.
  • Best option for bad knees and plantar fasciitis.
  • Double cushioning.


  • Expensive.
  • Not good for running and abrupt activities.
  • Difficult to fit.
  • Not available for all shoes.

3. Superfeet BLUE Insoles

best shoe inserts for heels

Superfeet blue provides a supportive arch by taking less area when pressure builds on it. These insoles are the best shoe inserts for walking all day.

It is a highly comfortable, flexible, stable and balance insole which is easy to change with the new one. Deep heel provides the natural shock-absorbing capability.

The down layer is made of fiber which provides balanced gait and support to the foamy layer. Rail in the insert develops a controlled stride and gives enough flexibility during the walk.

The shape and design of super feet blue make it adorable among the customers. Highly dense formation of polyethylene foam absorbs all-natural shocks and gives great cushioning to foot wearer.

The outer most layer of this shoe insert is of organic nature and works as a water repellent. This surface also eliminates bad smell by controlling the growth of bacteria.

Life of these insoles is also limited to 12 months and 500 miles. After this duration, inserts start decaying and cushioning of inserts decreases.

To get more comfort, you should buy a new pair of inserts before the expiry date. The main feature in this item is stability and support by occupying the less area.


  • Dense foam to provide great cushioning.
  • Durable for limited time.
  • High supportive arch.
  • Much comfortable.
  • Easy to insert and exert.
  • Advanced in style and design.


  • Limited life.
  • Few people dislike the rail in rearfoot.
  • The color looks simple.

4. Sof Sole Men’s Athlete Gel Shoe Insert

Sof Sole Insoles Men's Athlete Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

Sof Sole Men’s Athlete Gel Shoe Insert insoles are ideal for casual and athletic shoes. Their neutral arch makes them the best shoe inserts for all feet.

The biomechanical shape is designed in way so to boost your energy level. Both flat feet and high arch feet feel comfortable with this insert.

This insole specially designed to lessen the torque while playing. So it provides safety from injuries to skaters and hockey players.

Gel system used in heel and forefoot offers high cushioning and makes traction between heel and toe.

Agion technology is used to stop the growth of bacteria on the uppermost surface.

Encapsulated stabilizer cap is used for stability and provides energy transfer between foot and shoe.

Hydrologix system wicks all moisture to keep the internal environment fresh, odor-free and normal.

XLP foam is used in the middle layer that provides enough cushioning. Foam in the second layer is porous to deliver great breathing effect. The high breathability makes these insoles useful for sports activities.


  • Neutral arch for all feet.
  • More cushioning.
  • Usable to all arches.
  • Best shoe inserts for all feet.
  • Jel system in texture.
  • Reduces torque and gives good torsional effects.


  • A few people don’t like more cushioning.
  • High volume makes it not workable with all shoes.

5. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis

These inserts have low volume and the best options for low fitting shoes. The foamy layer is formed by polyethylene closed cells and it is enough dense to absorb all shocks effectively.

The down layer is of Propylene structure and gives stability and support to the foamy layer. These inserts are providing a high arch to balance feet.

Cushioning of these inserts is effective in all kinds of boots which make them the best shoe inserts for walking. The deep pocket of the heel with a foamy collar works as a shock absorber and keeps each stride stable and supportive.

Its outer layer is also water repellent due to its organic structure. Antimicrobial effects make it fresh all the time.

These insoles are not applicable to Gore-Tex shoes.


  • High fitting in any shoe.
  • Good cushioning.
  • Low volume.
  • Dense foam.
  • Deep heel pocket for assisting support.
  • Highly supportive arch.
  • Good design and a new style.


  • Stiffness of insert.
  • Limited life.

6. Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief Shoe Insoles

best insoles for running

Superfeet Carbon is one of the best shoe inserts for athletes. This lightweight and comfortable insert is the best choice for athletes, sportsmen, and sprint runners.

The name of this insert is due to carbon fiber reinforcement in the ultralight polyethylene foam structure. The heel is deep and gives high arch support to the wearer.

This is low volume and lightweight insole and provides a close-fitting to runner. The low volume of this insert is appreciated by athletes because it provides great cushioning by covering the low area.

Rearfoot and heel both have a hard fiber layer of a stabilizer cap made of the polymer blend. The EVOlyte and carbon fiber provide stability and support while running, hiking and jumping.

Foam is also very dense to provide comfort to the foot. This insole is low volume, lightweight, low profile and thinner in size.

This is also unisex inserts and you should select according to fix size only.


  • Lightweight and balance.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement.
  • Deep heel pocket with foamy collar.
  • Thinner in size.
  • The best option for runners and athletes.
  • Good cushioning.


  • Cushioning is low as compared to other inserts.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement decreases comfort to the wearer.

7. Superfeet Berry Comfort Shoe Insoles for Women

best insoles for standing all day

Superfeet Berry Comfort insoles are specially designed for women athlete boots. These are one of the best insoles for nurses.

Using these insoles with nursing shoes provide extra durability and comfort while working all day in the hospital.

The narrow but deep heel of berry comfort insole offers great fitting and comfort to heel. The base of the insole is a stabilizer cap that reinforced with carbon fiber providing much support, shock absorption and flexibility to the foot.

These insoles equally beneficial to hiking, running and all-day standing for women. The supportive arch is just like the natural walk of ladies. The shape and design is very popular in ladies.

The shape is of the arch very supportive and provides close fitness to the shoe. Synthetic foam is used under the organic layer that assists in shock absorption.

This foam is capable of bearing high stress during sprint running, hiking and jumping. The insole keeps its features for 12 months. You need to buy the new one after the expiry date.


  • Suitable for women’s shoes.
  • Provide high cushioning in stress.
  • The forefoot foamy layer absorbs high tension.
  • Applicable to both all day standing and running.
  • Lightweight, high volume and a medium profile.


  • Deep narrow heel, useful to only unisex.
  • Less comfort for standing all day.

8. Superfeet Orange Premium Shoe Insoles

shoe insoles You need to buy

Orange premium super feet are designed for high impact activities like running, walking, jumping, hiking, etc.

Orange premium insoles are equally beneficial for a slow walk and fast running. Forefoot foamy layer is much dense to absorb all shocks occur naturally. Flexibility in the stabilizer cap is outstanding.

This insole has an anti-microbial layer, dense foamy layer, and a stabilizer cap. The antimicrobial layer is made up of organic material that is hydrophobic in nature.

Groovy, deep and narrow heel makes the foot more affirm. The supportive arch of the foamy layer reduces tension in ankles and knees.

The foam layer is thick and dense in the forefoot area to bear impact during jumping, hiking and running. The outer layer prevents bad odor and gives a fresh look to inserts.


  • High cushioning on impact.
  • Advance in designing.
  • Moderate weight.
  • Resilient to features.
  • High padded foam.
  • High arch supportive.


  • Latex-free construction.
  • The stabilizer cap may be separated.

9. Superfeet Copper Comfort Shoes Insert

best shoe inserts for flat feet

Copper Comfort insoles are featured with pressure-sensitive memory foam that provides great shock absorption and great comfort to wearer.

This memory foam molds according to the shape of the foot and provides great support during running or standing all day. These are also one of the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

Stabilizer cap at the base of this insole uses to support the memory foam layer. This cap delivers great stability to the rearfoot. The forefoot foamy layer is very thick and reduces every impact on the foot.

The uppermost surface is organic in nature and prevents bacterial growth to eliminate bad odor. This insole can work best for 1 year or 500 miles walk.

After the expiry date, it starts distortion and gets flaws in its properties.


  • Pressure-sensitive memory foam added comfort.
  • Best insoles for walking all day.
  • Relief pain in knees and ankles.
  • Good for hiking, cycling and running.
  • More cushioning. ‘
  • Good stability and balance.


  • Low profile and high volume.
  • Not easy to fit all shoes.

10. Flexmax Athletic Comfort Shoe Insoles

best shoe inserts for back pain

These insoles are with 5 inches spring foam. Flexible heel offers great comfort and flexibility during athletic activities. Lumber like structure offers stability to the foot and gives support to each step.

This insole is comfortable with a supportive arch. The thickness of the insole is good and this shoe insert has the ability of shock absorption.

The outer layer is of organic type and provides a fresh surface by eliminating bacterial growth.

Deep, groovy and narrow heel with foamy appearance absorbs all impacts. Its design lowers muscle fatigue and provides a very supportive arch.

High volume and low arch make it best suitable for shoes. The stabilizer cap stable the complete foot from toe to heel. This is one of the best shoe inserts for heel.


  • More flexibility in each step.
  • Provide much cushioning.
  • One of the best shoe inserts for flat feet.
  • Best for athletic activities.


  • Difficult to fit.
  • High volume makes it unfit for all shoes.

Best Shoe Inserts For Standing All Day Buyer’s Guide

Fit to Size

The importance of complete fitting of the insole can be estimated when we walk or run for a long distance. You insole must be fit to your shoe size.

Only fit shoes allow its wearer to run fast and on rough areas. Loose-fitting does not only reduce running speed but also a cause of long term injuries.

We shouldn’t compromise with insole size especially when we are going to participate in a marathon.

Complete fit shoes offer a supportive arch. The compatibility of insoles to our feet and shoes is one of the important factors in selecting the best shoe inserts for walking all day.

Before selection, we should understand the values of room in shoes and volume of inserts. The thickness of the insoles is different from insert to insert.

We have all kinds of insoles in the list of shoe inserts for walking all day. But you need to read this article carefully to select the right pair of insoles.

You might want to get one pair of the insole that compatible with different shoes. But there are only a few insoles that that can be used with most of the shoes.

Many insoles are made up for special purposes and their uses are for special activities.

Shoe inserts for athletes are specially designed for running, jumping, hiking and sprinting. But shoe inserts for standing all day can use as shoe inserts for nurses because of some common features.

A man holding the comfortable shoe insert in hand

Cost and Price

The selection of an item from an online or local market has many factors. One of the important factors is the rate of that item being purchased.

Everybody follows the rule “cut your coat according to your cloth” while purchasing. The above list contains the products that everyone can afford to buy.

All of these insoles are of high quality. These inserts can withstand all of your resistance and continue serving you through different properties.

A man is putting his feet on shoe insert to check whether it fit to his foot size

The products we are selling are rightly fit to your foot. Some of these insoles are a little bit costly but they worth it. The most important thing is you are purchasing a valuable thing for you.

Our insoles are workable with most of the shoes. Our products can save your money from investing in different insoles for each pair of shoes.

Leisure and Support

If your feel is comfortable, the rest of the body will remain active and stable throughout the day. The comfort of our feet is required in every kind of work.

The workers standing for all day need big leisure because of complete pressure on the toe and heel for all day.

Runners also need comfort in their shoes. But the foam density in both cases is different to provide comfort.

The insoles for shoes of workers standing for all-day have low density with high thickness.

While the insoles of running shoes are dense on the toe area. The comfort of a pair of shoe insoles is one of the major factors while purchasing.

When we are going to adopt a pair of insole for us, one of our basic priority is to enjoy its comfort.

If insoles are soft and provide us full comfort, you can enjoy your work and can do all activities actively.

The insole can maintain comfort only if we use them with care and with the same activity for which it was made. You can’t use shoe inserts for standing all day for mileage running.

Buyers are not all equal in arches. A few have flat feet but others need a high arch. You need to choose the supportive arches according to your requirements.

The thickness and density of the foamy layer manage a supportive arch for relieving pain. If you will choose the better insole, then you will get a supportive arch and it can easily reduce your ankle pain.

You should choose the precise standard of the insole. So if you need to trim it to fit, it can easily come to fit and provide the desired comfort.

It should be changeable easily and must have a deep and narrow heel for strong fitting.

Foam will never pinch off till 12 months or 500 miles.

Selecting the Best Shoe Insoles

Measure Size Before Buying

There are different types of insoles. The basic need for them is giving comfort and support feet.

An ideal insole can keep us active and facilitates us in our work. These are cheap and easy to use.

Before buying the shoe insert, you need to properly check for the size of your shoe. Choose a shoe insert that best fit into your shoes.

You should keep in mind all the environmental changes and your activities. Insole in a shoe should have much room for your feet. It should keep your feet comfy while running, walking, or any other activity.

Trim to Accurate Size

Inserts available in the market with all features like cushioning, comfort, shock resistivity, and fitting.

Inserts make our daily life easy and provide us pleasure for the whole day. Feet are the part of the body that faces more difficulty while standing all day.

2 comfortable shoe inserts laying on table

Designers design and try to make the features of insoles the same as the shoe features. So, shoe inserts for nurses are used in the shoe standing for all day. It obeys only the rule of tit for tat.

If the insole is not fitting in your feet, you can trim it accordingly. For trimming, you should choose the right size of the insert that can easily fit in your shoes.

Many buyers ask for how to trim insole? Here are the three basic steps of trimming the insert.

  1. Remove the original insole of your shoe.
  2. Choose the new insert size by properly measuring the original insole. If your shoe size is in point digits, you should select the bigger size.
  3. Mark out this insole by placing the original insert on it. Now, you can easily trim it using a cutter and place it in your shoe.

You should also measure the capacity of boot and volume of your foot. The wider room of shoes will work with both low volume and high volume inserts.

But the shoes with less room will allow only low volume insert.

Comfort Should Be According to Your Need 

Insoles are used to enjoy full comfort while wearing the shoes. Comfort is the basic requirement for every human being.

A man placing his foot on shoe insole

As we work more on feet, we want more comfort. We can get this comfort with foamy inserts. The workers stand for all day on feet find cushioning in their shoes.

Runners and athletes also need extra comfort due to the deep impact on their toes and heels. There are many insoles with dense and thick foam layers available for great comfort.

Material of Insole Should Keep You Healthy

Insoles are manufactured using different materials. All these materials are different in features. But the essential thing before buying the best shoe inserts for standing all day is that the material should be fresh and upto date.

The insole is made of leather or organic sheet, foam layer, synthetic fiber, and gel. All these materials joint in different layers to form a comfy insole.

The organic layer is the uppermost layer, use to avoid microorganisms growth on the surface. It keeps your feet fresh, dry, and odorless.

The foamy layer is made up of polyethylene to provide support to your feet. The softness of this layer keeps your shoes comfy for a long time.

Some shoe inserts are made of soft gel material. It reduces the severity of all impact on feet. These insoles keep the forefoot and heel area comfortable throughout the day. The unique design of Gel insoles helps in absorbing the shocks and pressure while walking or running.

Plastic fiber in the lowest layer provides stability to your steps and it supports all other layers.

Insoles Must be Durable as Mentioned on Box

Insoles use in shoes bear more pressure. Before buying the shoe insert, you must properly check out the material with which it formed.

Only a suitable insole can withstand the pressure for a long time. Though insoles have an expiry limit, it should be comfortable, soft, shock resistant, and protective.

Mostly inserts have a limit of 500 miles or 12 months. Our testers choose the best insoles for standing after practically using them.

Arch and Support According to Your Foot

While purchasing a pair of the insole, you should be very active about your foot measurements. To enjoy all the features of insoles for standing all day, you should choose them wisely.

An arch of your feet is a very important factor to keep you away from pain. There are different arch sized for different people. Flat feet have a low supportive arch, while curvy feet having a high arch.

The insoles are also designed according to different arch sizes. For example shoe inserts for rigid arch support, semi-rigid arch support, and flat feet.

You need to choose the best shoe insert according to your arch size. If you select the wrong pair of insoles, it can cause ankle, muscles or knee pain.

Price Should be Affordable as Its Durability

If a product is manufactured with excellent material, definitely its rate will be high. We need to purchase the products that are long-lasting.

The insoles mentioned in the list of shoe inserts for standing are very durable at affordable rates. Everybody can purchase and enjoy them.

These insoles are comfortable for up to 12 months. You can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of these inserts at a low cost.

The list contains the inserts with low and high costs according to your budget.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these insoles well cushioning?

All insoles mentioned before are well cushioning. But Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel AdvancedInsolesare with double cushioning.

What are the best insoles for hard Job?

Insoles manufacturing purpose is to provide softness and comfort on hard surfaces.  Here are some insoles for working on a rough surface.
Superfeet Copper Comfort Shoes Insert
Yellow Power
Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles
Flexmax Athletic Comfort Shoe Insoles

Are these the best option for thick leather and steel toe shoes?

You can enjoy only thick foamy closed-cell layer insoles with thick leather and steel shoes. Less dense can rupture early and can waste your money.

Are these insoles extremely thin?

Not all are thin. Few are thick foamy layers to provide cushioning others will thin layer are useful for low roomy shoes.  

Are these insoles work with all shoes?

Not at all.. special insoles are specific for the same shoes. You can use them in one another. But you can’t enjoy all their features.

Can I easily trim these insoles?

Trimming is important to fit into shoes. You can easily trim them with a sharp knife.

What is the suitable insole for half digits size?

You should try to select the standard size of the original insole in a shoe. If you can’t find. Try to choose a little large size that you can cut it to fit.


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