10 Best Shoe Cleaners – Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

Shoes are a significant part of human personality. We can’t ignore the importance of shoes. We need different shoes for different purposes like office shoes are totally different from workout shoes. It is necessary to clean your shoes after using them. For this purpose, you need the shoe cleaner. This article will discuss the best shoe cleaners available in the market.

Markets are of full different shoe cleaners. But most of them are toxic and cause serious harm to your shoes. Their pHs are high and can cause discoloration of shoes.

A man cleaning the black shoes with foam

By purchasing local shoe cleaners, you will ruin your costly sneakers. So you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the shoe cleaner.

By using the best shoe cleaner, you can improve the health of your shoes. These cleaners are easy to use.

Most of the cleaners mentioned in this article are not only for shoes, but you can also use them for other leather materials like jackets, hats, purses, canvas, suede, and even on furniture.

If you are looking for “what’s the best shoe cleaner in the world?”, we are here to help you find the best shoe cleaning kit according to your requirements.

After visualizing the importance of shoe cleaners, we test many products from different companies. But our research starts rotating around these few products and we have compiled the 10 highest rated shoe cleaners with a detailed review for each product.

1. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

shoe cleaner products

No need to worry about stains if you have a hand with Jason Markk shoe cleaner. There are several shoe cleaners available in the market. But most of them are not suitable for the environment due to the chemicals present in them. This shoe cleaner is have no chemical amalgamations.

The chemical study of this shoe cleaner shows it is made of 98.3% natural ingredients.

This shoe cleaner kit is not only applicable to shoes but all other things made of leather, suede, canvas, and nubuck.

It is easy to use and very helpful for all sorts of shoes. It is so effective that only a 4oz bottle can give 100 pair cleanliness.

Jason Markk shoe cleaner has many other features like easy to refill and easy to use. This is also known as the best shoe cleaner for white shoes.

You can’t use it on low colored suede and nubuck shoes because it can decolorize your shoes.

  • Useful to all shoes.
  • 4oz can clean 100 pairs of shoes.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Cleaner kit with a hog hairbrush.
  • Easy to use.
  • 98.3% natural.
  • Can discoloration on light color suede or nubuck material.
  • Clean tenaciously.

2. KIWI Shoe Polish

shoeanew shoe cleaner kit

Your leather shoes can get marks, stains and blurring effects. You can easily remove these stains if you have a Kiwi shoe polish kit in your house.

KIWI shoe polish kit is one of the best selling leather shoe polishes all around the world. It gives great scuff coverage to our shoes.

This shoes polish is best suitable for leather shoes and you can’t apply on suede, canvas or nubuck. It provides the shoes with a glowing appearance, water protection, and nourishment.

Kiwi shoe polish is made of natural ingredients. It comes with a long-lasting shine. The kit contains brown and black shoe polish with a sponge applicator and shoe brush.

  • A long-lasting shine to leather shoes.
  • The best option for leather.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Natural wax.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Only for leather. Not intended for canvas, patent leather, suede.
  • Tenaciously use.

3. Reshoevn8r Starter Shoe Cleaning Kit

best sneaker cleaner 2020

If you are searching “what’s the best shoe cleaner in the world?”, Check out the Reshoevn8r Starter Shoe Cleaning Kit.

The best size of this kit encourages you to take advantage from it. This is a pigment-free cleaner that avoids discoloring and staining during cleaning.

This shoe cleaner is not only work with shoes but also applicable to fabrics.

You can clean your handbags, your jackets, your shoes, and all other fabrics. It is equally beneficial to leather, canvas, suede, fabric, and nubuck.

It is a 100% natural product with a high-efficiency rate. This liquid has the ability to cleans all stains on shoes.

Its stain coverage ability is brilliant. The kit contains Reshoevn8r cleaner, one piece of towel and a hair horse brush.

  • In liquid form.
  • 100% natural.
  • Applicable to all kinds of material.
  • Can be used for white shoes also.
  • No longer effects.
  • Shining of shoes is not very well.

4. ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner kit

best shoe cleaner for vans

ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner kit is a quick formula for cleansing your shoes. This is the best suitable for washable products. It can give service both to leather and fabrics, suede and canvas, silk and nubuck.

It is safe to use, biodegradable, efficient, fast cleaner. 8oz of this shoe cleaner product can give a glow to 60 pairs of shoes.

A small amount of this liquid can serve you more because of its powerful formula. It requires only a few moments to complete the task, then you can enjoy it for long-lasting.

This is one of the good products for all kinds of shoes from heel to flat feet shoes, from athlete shoes to nurse shoes.

The kit also contains a nylon hair brush and microfiber cloth. The nylon brush is used to clean the hard surfaces like outsole and microfiber cloth serves the upper sensitive part gently. It is also one of the best shoe cleaners for white shoes.

  • Best for washable products.
  • Kit consists of a Nylon brush and microfiber cloth.
  • Quick action.
  • Long-lasting effect.
  • Not good results on non-washable materials.
  • Smell is not good.

5. Alloda Shoe Cleaning Kit (Best shoe cleaners for white shoes)

best shoe cleaner for white shoes

White shoes are the most loved shoes by most of the people in the world. But the basic tension before buying a white sneaker is its cleaning.

Now you don’t need to worry about its cleaning because  Alloda shoe cleaning kit is here to help you out.

This product is highly appreciated by most of the users due to its high efficiency. Alloda shoe cleaning kit is one of the best shoe cleaners for white shoes.

This is made up of non-toxic, natural ingredients that produce no bad impact on the environment. One bottle of this product can serve 25-35 pairs of shoes.

The shoe whitener in this kit can give white look to shoes. You can also use this cleaner with white leather, mesh, nylon, suede, canvas, and nubuck.

Make sure to use this whitener only on the outsole. It can have a negative effect on other parts of shoes.

Whitener should be used by gently pressing the sponge on the shoe, then microfiber cloth can buff it to create shining on the surface.

  • The best for white sneakers.
  • Easy to use.
  • The result is mind-blowing.
  • Can be used for more than one material.
  • The cost is affordable.
  • Can decolorised.
  • It can damage shoes.

6. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner kit

 best shoe cleaner for yeezys

This is an affordable shoe cleaning kit that contains all the important tools that a costly shoe cleaner has. The important thing with the Pink Miracle shoe cleaner is that it you can also use it with soft leather.

Ingredients in this cleaner are concentrated saddle soap, natural oils, and conditioners. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner has a neutral pH and has neutral effects on the environment.

If you want to increase the health of your shoes, go and buy this cream. Using it will provide an extra shine to your shoes.

This cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use. Different kinds of pigments used in it which all give a protective coating and shiny look to your shoes.

The moisturizing effect of this cleaner keeps your shoes soft and sheen. Users of this cleaner kit have reviewed it very positively.

  • Gives your shoe a new and natural look.
  • Also helpful to soft leather.
  • Affordable.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
  • Increase the health of your shoes.
  • Maybe not suitable for light colored items.
  • It can cause discolorization.

 7. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

shoe cleaner machine

Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner is one of the best sneakers cleaner. This spray is equally beneficial for shoes, leather jackets, car interior, purses, suede, canvas, hates, and furniture.

This shoe spray is biodegradable, moisturizing, environment-friendly, and non-toxic. It creates a protective layer to stop the effects of UV rays.

This feature of Weiman spray keeps your shoes just like a new one by avoiding your shoes from cracking.

This cleaner preserves the sheen of your shoes and keeps its material healthy. It keep moisturizing your shoes and prevents it from drying.

The natural ingredients used in this cleaner provides a water-resistant feature. Four natural oils are blended with other liquid to make this cleaner.

One proper spray on your shoe can keep it nourish and shine throughout the day. It can wipe off all stains on the surface.

It is very easy to use and can provide the new look to your shoes within no time.

  • Saves from sunlight.
  • Keep shoes soft and shiny.
  • Moisturizing shoes.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Neutral PH level.
  • Need for buff.
  • May left a few stains.

8. Tight Wipes Sneaker Shoe Cleaner

best shoe cleaner for jordan 11

When you got tired of shoe cleaner sprays, foams, and polishes, you can just make your shoes dustless with the help of cleaner wipes.

Very easy to use, even a kid can use it. But it is more effective when compared to other shoe cleaners. Just pull out a wipeout of the box and wipe it over your shoes.

This process will make your shoe free of debris. Wipes are thick enough and wipe out all dust, debris over the surface of shoes.

The easy to use feature is very laudable to users. You can easily carry a few wipes with you and use them anywhere you want. It is one of the best shoe cleaner for traveling.

The buyer can use it with all kinds of shoes. The users have reviewed it as a good cleaner with mesh, vinyl, leather, suede, nubuck, and fabrics.

Wipes are dominated over other products due to cheap, quick and well shiner. The less chemical formations of these wipes make them useful for light color shoes.

By purchasing these wipes, you can decline the risk discoloring of your shoes. You can give your shoes a new look by purchasing this product.

  • Quick in use.
  • Cheap rates.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shining is not very good.
  • The capacity to remove stains is not very effective.

9. Shacke Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Leather Brush Cleaner

Best Shoes Cleaner Brush

This is a 4-way nylon bristles brush which is used to clean all kind of surfaces like leather, canvas, nubuck, suede, and fabrics. Its protruding shape is used to clean the groovy areas and the welt surfaces.

This is well accompanied with cleaning foam and cleaning spray. Shacke brush is a good suede shoe cleaner and nubuck cleaner.

Its nylon bristles can clean all surfaces very well. The half-circle shape of one way of this brush is used to clear round surfaces.

This brush serves all surfaces. Specially designed for surfaces that are difficult to clean. Bristles are hard enough to clean all stubborn stains easily.

You can clean sneakers, jackets, hats, and fabrics with the help of this brush. This is known as a universal brush with all shoe cleaning kits. Its 4 sides have different purposes and can clean different places gently.

  • It can be used in more than one kind of surface.
  • Nylon bristles clean gently.
  • Universal brush.
  • Affordable.
  • A few surfaces can’t clean due to the hardness of bristles.
  • Only cleaner.

10. Dr. Martens Men’s Wonder Balsam

best shoe cleaner

Dr. Martens men’s wonder balsam is a mixture of synthetic and natural waxes which is the best sneaker cleaner product for daily uses.

The main ingredients in it are lanoline, beeswax, and coconut oil. All of these ingredients combine to make an effective paste which can use for all kind of materials like canvas, leather, fabrics, and furniture.

It is colorless and can be used with all coloring surfaces. Once it placed on the surface of shoes, you don’t need to polish anymore. It makes leather soft and removes all scuffs.

This product is water-resistant and remove all salty spots. You can use it very easily.

  • Good for all-leather shoes.
  • A low amount is enough.
  • Colorless.
  • Applicable to all shoes.
  • No need for polish.
  • Includes Synthetic and natural wax.
  • Not allowed for suede.
  • Expensive.
  • Shining is not like other shiners.

Best Shoe Cleaners Buyers Guide

Important Notes About Shoe Materials

There are different kinds of materials used to fabricate shoes. All the materials used in the manufacturing of shoes are different in nature.

The selection of shoes is changing day by day. You need the best shoe cleaner to keep your shoes in the best condition.

There are enormous varieties of shoes like athlete shoes, running shoes, shoes for standing all day, nurse shoes, etc.

Shoes are often manufactured with leather, suede, canvas, nubuck, woven mesh, fabric, and rubber. All these materials have variant features.

The cleaning method and cleaners for these materials also varied. A lot of shoe cleaners available in the market from low cost to high cost.

Their efficiency, their mode of work and their objectives are different.

But the main thing is its efficiency and ease of work. Different sprays, foams, polishes and wipes are available in the market for cleaning purposes. We are here to help you find the best shoe cleaner for your shoes.

How to Clean Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are very laudable by people all around the world. Not only leather shoes, but leather jackets, hats, purses, and other wears are likable by people.

Leather is a different type, it may be hard or soft. Hard leather can withstand many conditions. But soft leather is diligent and takes more care.

Leather is the material that has a rough surface with many deep grooves. So these grooves and pits can collect much dust from outside. If you use a direct cleaner on it, it will not work.

Take a brush of hog hair or nylon bristles and scrub it on your shoe. This will clear all pits and remove all debris. Now the pattern of scrubbing is different for different leather material. Hard leather needs hard scrub.

While suede or soft leather requires a hog hair brush with gentle cleaning. Suede should scrub in the same direction.

In opposite directions, it can mismatch its color and can show inconsistency. Now open the shoe cleaner kit and take out the cleaner or polish.

Put a little on brush and rub it on the surface of leather. This will remove all stains and marks on the surface. The rubbing should be so smooth to clean it thoroughly.

Now if you have finished rubbing and leather shoes are looking smooth, then stop rubbing. You will see a dull view of your shoe.

Now you can open the shoeshine box and take out shoe shiner. Gently spray and it will make your shoes sheen.

If you don’t have a shiner, you can use a simple cloth for this purpose. By taking and rubbing a microfiber cloth, your shoes will start shining like stars. The same method is used for suede shoes but using suede shoe cleaner.

How to Clean Running Shoes or Athletic Shoes

Running shoes are breathable because of its high use in running. These shoes can’t survive if fully covered. So these shoes are mesh or knit.

You can increase the health of your running shoes by providing proper air after use. Athlete shoes get wet in during work out.

So cleaning of these shoes is easy if we just dry them on time. A lot of shoe cleaner kits are available in the market. You can use a simple cleaner for them.

Their proper regime is the basic cleaners of these shoes. You should wipe off all unnecessary dust on its surface and clean it with a microfiber cloth or cleaner brush.

It will give life to your shoes and let them live for longer. The best shoe cleaner for athlete shoes should be water repellent.

It should paste a protective layer on your shoes. This layer will push away moisture and keep your shoe dry all the time.

How to Clean Canvas Shoes

Canvas is a synthetic material that is made of seeds and fiber of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This is durable, soft, shining, comfortable and the best choice for making casual shoes.

Canvas shoes are breathable and can get mud in their mesh. Riddling of these holes is very important to make it breathable again.

To riddle it, you should use a firm bristles brush of nylon and rub it on your shoe. It will remove all mud and dust from pits.

After brushing, take the best shoe cleaner and put it on your shoe. It will pull out all remains of debris, can remove all stains and scuffs. In this way, your shoes will get a clear surface.

Now open your shoe shiner box and use this solution on your shoe to get shine. Your shoe will shine just like a new one.

Selection Before Buying 

You should select only the best shoe cleaner for your shoes. Choose the cleaner that is specially formulated for your shoe material.

It should mark off all stains on the surface of the shoe and make it sheen. It should be very easy to use. The quality of cleaner should be outstanding to clean all spots in moments.

The best results you will get only if your selection of cleaner is matched to the shoe material. A leather shoe will clean with a cleaner which is not rubbing it.

A suede cleaner is used to clean suede material. White shoes are cleaned with special made shoe cleaner which prevents it from discoloring.

So all materials should clean with the same cleaner to avoid any mishaps. The second thing before buying is the size of the bottle and the pair of shoes.

The size of a cleaning solution and shoe shiner box is different in different companies. Prices are according to the sizing of bottles.

You should choose the right size bottle for your daily use. If you will select the right bottle, you will end it before expiry. In this way, you will save your money from wasting.

Try to use a good estimated amount of solution in the cleaning of a pair of shoes. Only then you can get better results and will finish at the proper time.

The low usage and high usage both are harmful to your shoes and any other material for which it is using.  

Side Effects of Your Negligence

As I told earlier, the shoe cleaner should be compatible with your shoe material. There are different types of cleaners for varying shoe material.

If you select an irrelevant shoe cleaner for your shoes, you can put your costly shoes at high risk.

The wrong choice of cleaners can make your shoe discolored. They may crack your shoes before the expiry date.

We suggest using a shoe cleaner particularly manufactured for your shoes.

Importance of Shoe Cleaners

The importance of shoe cleaners is the same as shoes. When you use shoes, you need to clean it regularly.

Shoe cleaners are very important for us to give us a tip-top look. You can make your dirty shoes clean with shoe cleaners.

They can make your shoes spotless. Proper use of cleaners can give you the best result. The health of your shoes is very effective if the shoe cleaner is good. It can save your shoes from being cracked.

The UV resistant feature can save a shoe from sunlight damaging. A shoe cleaner can make your shoe soft by absorbing an adequate amount of moisture.

How to Clean Casual Shoes

Mostly shoe cleaning kit consists of a shoe cleaner, shoe shiner, and shoe brush. These different items work differently.

A few shoe cleaning kits have microfiber cloth which is very good before using the cleaner. The cleanliness of shoes with cloth provides better results.

This microfiber cloth removes all dust and debris from the surface, makes it so smooth and fresh for the brilliant operations of the shoeshine box.

Secondly use the brush which is suitable for your shoe material.

Note: Ignore if this brush is not good for your shoe. You should brush gently your upper part of the shoe and can rub hard on the outsole.

This rubbing will remove deep dust which is stayed under grooves. Brush should use softly so it can’t scratch your shoe surface. Now take shoe cleaner and put it on your shoe.

The layer thickness should be equal all over the shoe and it should not be very thick. After it, use a shoe shiner and spray it over your shoes. Spraying should be distributed equally on all surfaces.

Then rub your shoes with a clean cloth or with a brush softly. This will give a buffing effect to your shoes until your shoe stars shine.

The Best Method of Cleaning for Better Results

People are worried about how to clean shoes. Here is the solution to their worries. Different techniques are used to clean for better results. But the most valuable technique consists of the following steps.

a) Clean your shoes with a soft hairbrush and remove all dust and moisture.

b) Use a nylon brush to clean the outsole.

c) Now rub your shoes with microfiber clothes to remove stubborn stains and watermarks.

d) Then use spray or foam or polish to layer on its surface of the very thin size.

e) After all, a complete buff on the surface of your shoes will ultimately give your shoe a shiny look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes cleaner?

Here are many shoe cleaners vary from material to material. You can use all of these according to your choice. In my opinion, Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner is the best shoe cleaner for your shoes.

What is the best product to clean white shoes?

Alloda shoe cleaning kit is a suitable product to make your shoes paperwhite in a few moments.

What is the best way to keep your shoes clean and new?

Different ways of cleaning the shoes are applied globally. According to my, this is the best way to clean your shoes of all kinds. Clean your shoes with a soft hairbrush and remove all dust and moisture.
Then use a firm hairbrush to clean the outsole. Now rub your shoes with a microfiber cloth to remove stubborn stains and watermarks.
Use spray or foam or polish to layered on its surface of the very thin size. After all, a complete buff on the surface of your shoes will ultimately give your shoe a shiny look.

What are the best methods to clean a suede shoe?

Suede shoe cleaner is used for this purpose. Suede material has a specific direction, so scrubbing brush should scrub in the same way. If you will change scrubbing directions, suede material may get inconsistent in color.

What are the best methods to clean your dirty TOMS shoes?

Hand washing is the right answer. You should soak your shoes in hot water and agitate the sneakers. Rinsing of these sneakers will remove all entrapped mud. After washing, let them dry in sunlight without using a dryer.