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Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis – Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

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best sandal for plantar fasciitis

Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis – Reviews & Buying Guide [2024]

You will surely know about the pain of the heel and toe area if you suffer from the sickness of plantar fasciitis for a long time.

Along with this suffering, if you wear an adequate pair of footwear that is not supporting your feet and not cushioning well, you will find yourself in long term harms.

This can hurt you with more joints pain, ankle pain and a backache– If you will ignore the importance of features of your shoes.

A good pair of shoes have good arch support for your plantar fasciitis, great cushioning, and a high flexibility on landing and take-off, great stability in different kinds of ways of the walk and much more.

Buy the pair of best sandal for plantar fasciitis

Your wisely selection can render you to get rid of your all pains and hurts and can save your money from wasting medical treatments.

If there is summer, you can’t wear big shoes or sneakers because of the weather. More wet in your feet can damage your shoes and causes of blistering in your feet.

So, most people migrate from sneakers to sandals to avail of all the same features with high breathability and lightweight.

In my opinion, sandals are good footwear in summer or in the areas where climate remains always hot. Sandals give you the same facilities and give you lightweight with well cushioning, high stability and close-fitting.

The breathability of sandals is open. The toe area also opens in a few models. Sandals are also available in a modern, stylish, fashionable and professional look with all important factors.

Here, we have worked for you and compiled a logical list of the best support sandals for plantar fasciitis. All the products are adaptable in giving full comfort to the wearer.


Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

We have checked and passed all these sandals with a long test and concluded this list. All the parameters in these footwear are above the required limits. Here are these sandals we described one by one:

1. Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandals Unisex

Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandals are unisex, available for both males and females. These are open-toe sandals with all other necessities.

The contoured design of these sandals leaves the toe area open to give smooth fresh airflow. The footbed of this sandal is soft, well bouncing and supportive.

Due to these characteristics, these are the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis. Their supportive arch assists in a long time wearing and long-distance walking.

Upper is leather made with tight-fitting. This upper is flexible and stretchable also to allow different sizes and shapes of feet to come inside.

Footbed material is very different from other sandals because a blend of latex and cork is used in it. This blends soft and stiff at a time, easily mold to your foot shape and gives you long-lasting support for overuse also.

You should use this sandal for your daily routine if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. There is no greater than Birkenstock sandals. Ladies also love them because of equal support and comfort.


  • High level of breathability.
  • Unisex sandals.
  • Stylish in design and material.
  • Light in weight.
  • Stretchable to some extent.


  • These are not good for narrow feet.
  • Fitting is loose.

2. Pebble Slide Sandal

Coconut pebble sandals are specially designed by the USA craftsman Company. One of the best sandals for making companies in the USA.

These are criss-cross sandals with all admirable features. These flip flops are highly praised by the end users who use them for daily routine with more than 8 hours.

The specific thing is the material used in it is soft and blister-free. Its long time use keeps you fresh always. The criss-cross straps cradle your feet strongly.

These straps are flexible and give enough room to other toes. Open toe area design sandals are secure to fit with the modern and advanced look.

These are stylish and the best women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis. If you are suffering a long time plantar fasciitis and you are not alleviating this pain by wearing different sandals, then you must look at them for future use.

We assure you will get relief in your heel and ankle pain and will alleviate plantar fasciitis with the passage of time. 


  • Stylish sandals.
  • Crisscross design of upper.
  • Leather made upper is easy to clean.
  • Durable and stable.


  • Not very good for a high arch.
  • The toe part is not uprising.

3. EQUICK Unisex Flip Flops Thong Sandal for Women and Men

best flip flops for plantar fasciitis

These flip flops are medically very important for different kinds of pain. In all the pain, plantar fasciitis is the most painful in walking and standing and these sandals are helpful in reliving this pain too.

These are the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. The textured footbed is soft and bouncy in use. Well cushioning, high stability and supportive arch sandals permit the users to use for long non-stop terms.

Soles are highly dense foam with good cushioning. Latex and cork in these insoles are used to produce well impact resistance.

Upper is of two pieces together to allow fresh air to pass through the sandals. This fresh air keeps feet and sandals fresh always.

Leather upper is nice in look and very soft material to keep soft to the upper part of the foot. Cradling of upper and soles both give a strong fitting of feet in all kinds of conditions.

The toe box is roomed enough and supported the toe area. Deep heel cup securely fits the heel for support and safety. 


  • Well cushioning and support.
  • Leather upper for a great look.
  • Deep heel cup for fitting.
  • Washable and easy to clean.
  • The best option for plantar fasciitis.


  • The footbed is less rigid.
  • No stylish sandals.

4. ECCO Yucatan Sandals

best sandals for plantar fasciitis 2020

When you search for the sandals that help you in relieving plantar fasciitis. Many other facilities you will check in them like cushioning, support, supportive arch and flexibility.

You will also look at the style and design of that sandal which you can use casually and professionally both.

ECCO sandals are very important for your footwear if you want them to reduce your plantar fasciitis.

That’s why known as the good scandals for plantar fasciitis because of their high cushioning, high bouncing and supportive arch design.

These sandals are exact to every shape and all can avail of its profits. The lightweight of them makes you feel as if you are stepping into a cloud.

Many users commented that these are very helpful not only reducing plantar fasciitis but also other ankle pain and backache.

These sandals are with roomy toe immediately respond to all wearer and offer them great support and secure cradling.

Receptor technology is introduced in these sandals to absorb all impacts and pressures and keeps easy to your joints, heel and ankles.


  • Roomy toe for full toe fitting.
  • Receptor technology to absorb pressure.
  • Supportive arch for high stability.
  • Secure cradling with upper and soles.


  • Informal sandals.
  • Durability is not good.
  • Not recommended for flat feet.

5. Tewa Women’s Tirra Sandals

Tewa Women’s Tirra Sandals are the best known as the best women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis.

The upper of this sandal is very soft, made from recycled plastic with traceable polyester by Unifi. The upper straps are very fast in drying.

With these sandals, you can enjoy stylish, modern and professional footwear and can minimize your plantar fasciitis also.

Customized fitting is also very easy with the help of a hook and loop. The shock pad in the heel area absorbs all impacts and provides great cushioning.


  • Customized fitting with hook and loop.
  • Contoured EVA foam midsole.
  • Light in weight.
  • Durable and abrasion resistance spider rubber outsole


  • Fitting is late.
  • Ankle straps can cause scratches in the skin.

6. LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandals with arch support

These sandals are with a highly supportive arch and control all the impacts by giving spring-like appearance.

Adequate support delivered by LLSOARSS sandals to lateral and medial foot turns them the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

The toe box allows the toe to spread naturally. In this way, it reduces stress, impacts and gives comfort. Heel cup minimizes the chances of pronation and supination.

Heel cup cradles the heel snugly and keeps foot balance throughout the gaiting. Sandals are specially structured to give relief from heel pain and give full arch support to different kinds of feet.


  • Controlled cushioning by EVA midsole.
  • Fully supportive arch.
  • Customized fitting.
  • Control pronation and supination.


  • Thin feet can’t fit strongly.
  • Time taking fit.
  • A not good option for flat feet.

7. Taos Women’s Trulic Wedge Sandals

These are one of the best women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis. By wearing these sandals, you can enjoy your walking and standing throughout the day without any irritation or pain resultantly.

These sandals not only care about your plantar fasciitis but can also reduce your arthritis and backache. Their continuous use will help you control all your pain.

It has hook and loop strands to grip warmly. The bottom of these sandals is curvy, helps in the fitting of the heel and propels your foot with great cushioning.

Straps of them move from the front to back and cover your full foot area. These straps are very important for fastening your foot. So, you can move easily without wimbling.

Along with all these features, these are very stylish and advance sandals with a great presence. You can enjoy all the above-mentioned features with great appearance.

These sandals also enhance your personality because you can use them casually. Different colors are also available in all styles.


  • Curvy bottom of footbed for great gaiting.
  • Good style and color scheme.
  • Easily washable fabric.
  • Long life with full support.
  • Fitting is strong.


  • Get dirty fast.
  • Fabric may damage early.

8. SESSOM&CO Women’s Orthotic Sandals with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis

SESSOMO&CO sandals are orthotic in nature that helps in relieving uncomfortable of feet and other joints. EVA foam in midsole molded to the shape of feet and provides a supportive arch naturally.

These sandals are the best ladies sandals for plantar fasciitis. High cushioning footbed with great structure is helpful for you to reduce muscle fatigue.

Strips are made from canvas that give these sandals a stylish look. These sandals not only helpful for plantar fasciitis but keep also straight your joints to give them comfort.


  • Imported sandals for plantar fasciitis.
  • The outsole is wearable and durable.
  • It can reduce pressure on your joints.


  • Simple flip flops.
  • Available colors are limited in choice.

9. EVERHEALTH Orthotic Sandal for Women

These sandals come with two upper straps that can customized fit with the help of buckles. EVERHEALTH designed specially to give natural arch support to users.

These sandals can give relief from plantar fasciitis. Any user, who couldn’t alleviate his/her heel pain or plantar fasciitis, can get rid of surely by wearing these sandals.

This is because they know as the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. Midsoles of these sandals made from EVA foam are lightweight which gets feels just like moving on soft cotton. This is a suitable option to move even in rough terrains.


  • Not only good for plantar fasciitis, but also for more biological ailments.
  • Double buckle fitting.
  • Thick soles for better cushioning.
  • Good supportive arch with EVA foam midsole.
  • Good material is used interiorly.


  • Small toe can’t squish.
  • The outsole is not much harder.

10. OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Sport

These flip flops are unisex and serving both men and women at the same time. OOFOS invented a new oofoam which is a blend of EVA with a special compound.

This blend provides 32% more cushioning and 37% more compression as compared to it its previous editions.

Bio-mechanical construction of footbed provides good arch support and shock absorption. Closed-cell foam resists water to penetrate in it.

In this way, these sandals are very easy to dry and avoid bad odor. At last, if you would ask me about the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis, I will not stop myself from answering you that is the best for you to relieve your pain.


  • More cushioning then EVA foam.
  • It can be used in wet places.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Made from oofoam technology.


  • The style is not modern.
  • Slip-resistant is very low.

Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis Buyers Guide

Some very important factors should be noticed before buying the sandals. These parameters are unneglectable because of their basic use.

These parameters are different in every product. But overall it should remain in a limited range. Here is the list of the most significant factors which you should keep in mind before buying your summer sandals.

Plantar Fasciitis and the Best Sandal to Cure it

The most painful sickness of heel and foot is plantar fasciitis. Many people don’t know about it even they are already suffering from it.

Ignoring this pain makes it more soring for the not only heel but also for other joints. Plantar fasciitis arises from the degeneration of the ligament that joins the ball of the foot to the heel.

This degeneration causes pain. If this remains uncured for a long time, it might develop pain in other joints. Treatment of plantar fasciitis is very easy.

Human feet wearing the necessary accessories for plantar fasciitis

It just needs full support from footbed and rests too. So, the supportive shoes and sandals both must be supportive in the arch, comfortable in use and stable always.

 A supportive arch is the best solution to getting freedom from plantar fasciitis. Because the damaged tissue just touches the footbed.

If proper comfort is given to the lower part of the foot, it may treat the plantar fasciitis. 

Shock Absorption

Improper absorption may be very harmful to all wearer but it will be more dangerous if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis can show overpronation if soles of sandals are not cushioning and not supporting the feet. Overpronation is a bad condition of feet position.

This condition is bad itself. So, controlling over pronation in plantar fasciitis is also a big challenge for sandal structure.

Only high brand the best sandals for plantar fasciitis can give you relief from this pain. Local sandals are not designed well to keep in mind the necessities for plantar fasciitis.

Many new technologies are used nowadays to get deliverance from plantar fasciitis. The main and common thing in all these sandals is their shock-absorbing effects.

Damping all impacts and absorbing all pressures can helpful for different ankle, heel and joints pain. If you really sincere to avoid your plantar fasciitis disease and want to get relief from it in the future, you must select one of the best support sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Man wearing the comfortable and best sandal

Our mentioned products are all workable with your problem and maybe very much helpful in controlling your pain.

The enlisted sandals and flip flops are all having thick soles to absorb shocks. Insoles in these sandals are very soft with microfiber lining to reduce the chances of bad smell.

Midsoles are also made from a blend of rubber and foam to give great cushioning. EVA foam is very nice in absorbing all shocks.

The outsole also contributes to shock-absorbing capacity. Soles design is also very efficient in providing shock absorption.

The groovy and inclined bottom helps in dispersing pressure on full feet. Try to buy the sandals from our provided list to cure your plantar fasciitis.

We have tested the shock absorption capacity of all these sandals. After them, we put them on our platform.


Weight matters more if you are a runner or long-distance walker. But you can’t ignore it if you still wearing sandals for casual uses or for just standing for all day.

Weight of sandal explains how much nimble you are. If the weight of your sandal will below, you will finish every work fast and walk smoothly.

But if you are wearing high weight sandals, you will not only feel irritated, but you will also feel tense on in completion of your task on time.

Despite the fact that other factors and parameters of selecting a sandal for working and running, lightweight is the very basic point that should be kept into consideration while buying.

A pair of shoes with yellow background

How much a sandal in comfortable and stable is, these factors don’t matter if the weight of sandal in heavy to use.

High weight is the factor that is hateful to not only old persons or ladies, but also youngsters don’t like it.

Everybody wants to step in the flutter of ease, so working with lifting weights of sandals creates irritation to everyone.

The conclusion of all speak is your selective sandals must be light in weight. So, you can work easily on your feet.

We are offering the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis because all are light in weight. The material used in them is fully supporting and soft in use.

Soles making technologies are also very advanced. We believe only those products which are capable and easy to use are commendable.

Thus, all the above-mentioned products are low weight and you can adopt them as running shoes also. The blend used insoles are well bouncy and very stable, along with, very light in weight. So try to use them if you really want to enjoy full features with low weight.


When you go for shopping a new sandal for your use, the first thing comes to mind is comfortability. If your bought product is comfortable, only then you will use it frequently.

Otherwise, you will go to the same shop and ask them to change it with a comfortable one. This is because everybody seeks comfort.

Regardless, how much comfortable dress you have worn, if your sandals are uncomfortable you will feel discomfort in your whole body.

Importance of comfort increases when someone in the buyers is suffering from plantar fasciitis problems or with any other arthritis type.

If you are also in this kind of disease, you shouldn’t compromise with comfortability. Try to purchase the products in the list of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

We are here with you to provide you with the best sandals that can alleviate your pain on continuous wearing.

All of our mentioned sandals are helpful for you, not only for plantar fasciitis but also for any joint pain.

Our sandals are imported and serving people for many decades. Don’t feel hesitation with us, read our written descriptions and choose the appropriate sandals at affordable rates.

All sandals are comfortable from upper to outsole. Upper used in sandals is made from leather mostly that is very soft from inside with a bright outside look.

The footbed is also much softer and the material used in it is well cushioning to keep you in comfort always.

Your step in these sandals merges in the foam and the foam gets the shape of your foot to provide you soothes.

Especially EVA foam is used which has thick size and very comfortable for users. We always focus on the requirements and expectations of the customers and bring the sandals for you which have thick soles to deliver comfort.


Secure fitting plays an important role in nice gaiting. This fitting can’t propose by only a single part of sandal, but every part plays also its own role.

Upper is very important in cradling the foot. Upper should be stretchable and flexible enough to allow different sizes of shoes to penetrate in it.

The main thing of sandals is secure fitting through straps. These straps may be in two parts. Hook and tie hug cosily to each other and the wearer feels strong fitting.

It means to say that customized fitting is offered by sandals. Soles are also very important to secure feet from the downside.

Lightweight soles are more to wrap a foot then heavyweight. Straps on the back and front of the feet keep the feet tight always and help in smooth stride.

Design, Functionality, and Style

Different sandals nowadays cater to control different pain in joints, heel and ankle areas. Many comfortable sandals and flip flops are available in the market for sale. Branded and local sandals can serve us functionally.

The provided sandals are much cushioning to alleviate plantar fasciitis and muscle fatigue. But this is not enough with us.

We need something more from them and that are the look and style. How nice a sandal in work is? And how soft in use?

Despite all these, we also feel comfortable if the design and shape of the sandal are brilliant. As we developing, our thinking also develops and we always want to use the things which are advance in style and design.

Old things with different styles maybe we ignore all the time because of a bold look. The color scheme also puts efforts to make the sandals delightful for everyone.

Modern style sandals are available nowadays. This article has stylish, modern, professional and latest sandals full of other facilities.

Sandals are now available in step heel for women; criss-cross upper, different patterns of straps, high arch, flatten feet and flip flops.

Different styles availability care for all your events and serve you on more than one occasion.

All sandals are comfortable enough to give to you comfort, stable enough to keep your balance in throughout gaiting, flexible enough to make your step smooth, and stretchable enough to help to wear in different feet sizes.

You can get a pair of sandals according to your choice from the list of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Finally, modern design sandals will make your personality more attractive among the people and you will feel proud of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best sandal for someone with plantar fasciitis?

We worked hard for you and selected the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. All are a very good option. But OOFOS Unisex Slide Sandals is the best sandal for everybody with plantar fasciitis.

What is the best arch support for plantar fasciitis?

Arch support depends on your feet. If you have high arch feet, you will find high but supportive arch sandals for plantar fasciitis. If your feet are with a low arch, you should use supportive low arch sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Are Birkenstock Arizona sandals are a good choice for plantar fasciitis?

These are some of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. Don’t underestimate the importance of them. Go, buy and use them for plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

What sandals would you recommend for plantar fasciitis?

All sandals are comfortable, supportive arch, stable and light in weight. But I will recommend you ECCO Yucatan Sandals and Birkenstock Arizona sandals.

How to choose the right pair of sandals for plantar fasciitis?

Read the description mentioned under each sandal and choose the appropriate pair which is comfortable, stretchable, soft, lightweight, stylish and durable.

What are the best women Fitflop sandals for Plantar Fasciitis?


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