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Best Running Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis [2024]

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Running Shoes for High Arches

Best Running Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis [2024]

Shoe selection is not an easy task for everybody. Keeping your full body fresh can be achieved by using suitable shoes for your feet.

Different problems arise in their selection. Before choosing the right pair of shoes, you must acknowledge your feet size and shape. This article will help you in choosing the best running shoes for high arches.

Only then you will be able to get a good pair of shoes for yourself. The shape of different feet varies from man to man. A few have flat feet, a few with high arches, and others with medium or low arches.

So, pointing a pair of shoes, you should learn about your feet by different tests. In these all types of feet, high arch feet feel more difficulty in walking, standing, and running.

A high arch of feet causes wrench which rolls outward. For your high arch feet, you shouldn’t compromise on shoe comfort and leisure.

A man with best running shoes for high arches

Keep in notice all the important factors that can put you in severity. High arch shoes require good comfortability and support. A minor risk can lead you in the high injury of bone, sciatic pain, ligament rupture, and other discomforts.

Try to use the best running shoes for high archwhich are totally manufactured by keeping in considerations all the basic needs of a high arch foot. It should be softer and luxurious to keep your feet comfortable.

The necessary thing in high arch feet is its stability and support. To keep your feet stable, your chosen shoes must have a high arch support pad that comfy your heel to toe.

When you have planned to buy a pair of shoes for a high arch, don’t decide it abruptly. Instead, think about all the necessities and point out all the qualities of shoes one by one. Try to purchasethe good running shoes for high arches.

Here we have compiled a list of the best running shoes for high arch after testing them several times.

Our executors and testers have cleared all qualities and summarised this list of ten best men’s running shoes for high arch.


Best Running Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 18

Best Running Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis

New Jersey-based podiatrist and American Podiatric Medical Association spokesperson Alan Bass, DPM, is highly recommending Brooks Running shoes for those with plantar fasciitis.

This breathable, cushioned roadrunner of this shoe helps in having a smooth running.

You’ll find this shoe is the perfect fit for the support you need if you have medium to high arches.

It provides pretty good arch support.  The excellent cushion helps in preventing aches and pains.


  • Lightweight
  • Super Comfortable


  • Light Construction

2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1080v10 has a more pronounced arch, which helps in supporting the high arched foot better. It also takes the stress away from the heel, hence helping with Plantar fasciitis.

This is the reason, New Balance 1080 V10 is the best running shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis.

Saucony Guide Ride ISO 2

Best Running Shoes For high arches

Most Saucony running shoes – including the Ride ISO 2 and the Triumph

1. Brooks Men Glycerin 17 Best Running Shoes For High Arches

best shoes for high arches

Looking for soft, cushioning sneakers will stick your eyes at Brooks Men’s Glycerin. These are the best running shoes for high arches available in the market.

Every model is nice to wear but gradually increasing model number shows something brilliant than the precedent one. There is no running shoe softer than brooks men glycerine 17.

Plus fit is an extra leverage covering your foot with full support. This surrounding is engineered to stretch and relax on the basis of foot movement.

Plus fit is 3D generated print, having mesh to enhance breathability and freshness. The strong air circulation keeps the foot dry and odourless.

So, this is a good choice for long-distance runners and long-distance walker. DNA loft midsole manufactured of special material which provides a cushioning to your impact.

This midsole runs from heel to toe and offers a full soft transition throughout your foot. The outer sole is with a cushioning pad. This pad is highly soft and hard at the same time to absorb all shocks during a drive.

Force on this pad compresses it, reversely it propels your foot forward. In this easy way, a smooth and low effort, a stride takes place. Cushioning is high with both sustaining responsiveness and durability.

Earth grip is very effective by rubber outsole. Steadiness and ground control is very high. That’s why very suitable for sprinters and footballers in the ground.


  • Softer than any other sneaker.
  • DNA Loft midsole.
  • Breathability is high.


  • It can get moisture, results in heavyweight.
  • Feet go deep in shoes.

2. Saucony Men’s Ride 10

Saucony Men's Ride 10 is the best shoes for people with high arches

This is one of the best products of Saucony, which improves in each new model. Saucony manufactured a well ride sneaker for both men and women. Model number”10″ is not only a brand figure but also demonstrating its quality.

Saucony Men’s Ride 10 is one of the good running shoes for a high arch. Tri-Flex outsole touches ground firmly and provides a strong grip.

The outsole is very useful in flexibility and comfort. The midsole and the inner sole play their roles in providing leisure to the wearer.

Inner soles are made from special power foam, used to give cushioning on each stride. The upper mesh is breathable and fits firmly. This design is highly appreciated by the wearers because of strong air circulation inside the shoe.

The comfortability of the upper is also outstanding, allows the wearers to feel comfortable throughout the run. This mesh upper locks your heel into a woven heel piece which is one of the new features in this advance brand.

This heel piece is used to keep your heel comforted and soft always. Soft collar provides soft support to the ankle. Lace-up fitting is used to fix your feet in shoes strongly.

These sneakers are highly applauded by sportsmen especially footballers. Saucony Ride 10 is a very good option for trainers and sprinters.


  • Breathability without porosity.
  • Upper design is engineered well.
  • Comfortable and shock absorber.
  • High cushioning.


  • Innersole can slip inside the shoe.
  • It can be slipped easily.

3. Naturalizer Women’s Morrison Fashion Sneaker

Naturalizer Women's Morrison Fashion Sneaker

These sneakers are fashionable, shimmery and casual in use. Many styles and colour choices make them selective in the women’s choice and these are the best running shoes for women with high arches.

Being very efficient, these shoes have a long life in all kinds of environments. Their casual look makes them useable on every occasion. Double cushioning, high supportive arch and heel to toe stability all add up features in this brand.

Naturalizer N5 contour technology is used in making of footbed and provides double cushioning with a high supportive arch. The upper is made from leather, suede, fabric or with a blend.

This makes it a natural shoe for casual use. High-density foam is used in the midsole to maintain cushioning in high impact. Fast-drying capability and good moisture vaporizing capacity makes it useful in wet places also.

Keeping your feet and shoe odourless and fresh is one of the best features of this sneaker. Thus, it can be used for long-wearing for walking or working.

Inner lining of the whole shoe is woven-made to keep foot slander always. Fitting is brilliant and lace-up enhances its fitting more. Lace fitting avoids foot from slipping inside the shoe. This also keeps your stride safe from wimbling and slipping.


  • Give a casual look.
  • Upper is made of leather or suede.
  • Keep your feet fresh always.
  • anti-skidding ability.
  • Grip to ground Firmly.


  • Low durability of the outsole.
  • Low porosity in the upper causes low breathability.

4. Altra AFM1837F Men’s Torin 3.5 Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Altra AFM1837F Men's Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoe

The updated version of Altra Men’s Torin is one of the best road running shoes lauded by different users. These are one of the best men’s running shoes for a high arch.

High abrasion and resistance to wear and tear are the reasons to put them in the list of road shoes. High durability attracts buyers and persuade them to buy them to make your investment profitable.

Nubuck is abrasion-resistant and is used to make their heels. The upper mesh part is good enough to allow fresh air to pass through the shoes. This fresh air minimizes the growth of organism causes bad odor.

Moisture and sweat are also moved out through these pores and keep feet and shoes dry and odour-free throughout the day. An ultra-soft midsole is foamy and used to give premium cushioning to every stride.

Removal of Strobel layer and changing it with special one makes Torin lightweight, durable and high cushioning in practice. It also offers comfortability to the feet.

High performance is the result of the overall features of this shoe. Decoupling on the outsole produces a smooth stride. This outsole purpose is to keep a step balance and firm on the ground.

Overall features join to make these sneakers highly professional in races and marathons. Fitting is also hard and shoelaces have no tendency to lose down.


  • Durability is long.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Nubuck-made outsole.
  • Breathability is good.


  • Heavyweight than other sports shoes.
  • Available only in red and black color.

5. Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2

Nike is innovating and producing the sneakers exact as the customer’s choice. Nike Air Zoom odyssey was first launched in 2016. These are famous for their plush comfort in the market.

Their remarkable comfort lifts their status among the buyers. Air Zoom sneakers are the best running shoes for high arches 2018 and the new version is now with more advanced features.

The advanced version of the air zoom is Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2, which tends to maintain all old features with some extra qualities of modern need.

These are ideal sneakers for overpronators because of extra stability and support. The specific thing in these sneakers is their lightweight, high cushioning and smooth flight.

These are special shoes for long-running. Air Zoom and lunar foam blend to make its midsole. This midsole is very soft and cushioning in stride. Soft ride and double cushioning with high support are their specifications.

Waffle technology is used in making outsoles that increases the grip traction and resistance to break. This kind of midsole provides natural stride and flat steps with resisting all impacts affecting the shoes during a walk.

High resistance against wear and tear allows the wearer to feel easy on roads and in the racecourse. Upper is made up of a special blend of flymesh and flywire to improve the fitting and freshness of the feet.

Different colors are available for males and females. Upper is stylish and nice is structure to give these sneakers an outstanding look.


  • Upper is much comfort.
  • Provide a supportive and cushioning stride.
  • Stability is very prominent to the wearer.


  • Sneakers are less responsive.
  • Toe box is narrow and tighten your fingers.

6. Brooks Pure Cadence 7

Brooks Pure Cadence 7 is also best shoes for high arches

A good pair of shoes propel its wearer forward, rather than be a load on it. Running shoes are to speed up their users by helping them in different ways.

The low weight of sneakers helps the runner to run fast without any disturbance. Luxury comfort keeps runner easy throughout the race.

So these are different qualities a running shoe much has to keep its standard high. Brooks Pure Cadence 7 is one of them fulfilling all the requirements that a good running shoe must have.

This sneaker is the best running shoes for high arches 2019. Brooks Pure Cadence 7 is a suitable option for marathon races because of its lightweight and high cushioning.

The performance of the midsole is outstanding in providing cushioning. A midsole is made up of special technology known as DNA technology. This DNA disperses all the pressures on the sole and helps in cushioning and impact resistivity.

This DNA is spread throughout the midsole, instead of only the heel and toe area. Outsole is also rubber- made, keeps step stable and strong. Flexibility is given by a guiderail in the center of the outsole.

This guide rail helps you not to be exhausted and tired. This keeps your thigh, and foot muscles relax. Also keeps your hips, thigh, ankle, and knee in a straight line to avoid any injury. Thus, helps you in a long-running.


  • Guiderail to avoid any sudden injury.
  • DNA provides cushioning in midsole.
  • Lightweight appreciated by the runners.


  • A few color options.
  • Width is tight for a few feet.

7. Mizuno Wave Men Rider 21

Mizuno Wave Men Rider 21

Mizuno yields sneakers with advanced features and technologies and always tries to create the best for its customers. These best men’s running shoes for high arches are lightweight and long-lasting, designed in special structure and material.

Upper is meshed and provides early drying. This is very good for long runners because of long-lasting softer-padding and drying ability.

It helps you in running for a long distance without changing your shoes because it keeps your feet dry and moisture-free. A very supportive arch keeps your foot stable in rough places.

Comfy-inner lining helps you to wear for a long time. Extreme cushioning keeps your feet fit and comfort. Athletics love these shoes and always select them in the market because of lightweight and high durability.

A midsole is made from a compound of U4ic and U4icX, gives ultra-softness and long-time cushioning. Very responsive and dense foam absorbs all shocks and impacts.

To give a natural stride, the outsole is synthetically made with foot-bed to offer a stable and smooth flight and ride. Wave technology is used in the upper and increases breathability by controlling the motion of air.

This technology assists in gaining freshness in shoes. Air ventilation is very important in a shoe. So this technology enhances ventilation and keeps wearer feel healthy and active.


  • Different color and style choices.
  • Footbed is more comfortable.
  • General durability is long.
  • Affordable running shoes.


  • Less roomy shoes.
  • Bulk in weight.

8. ASICS Gel Kinsei OG Sportstyle shoes

ASICS Gel Kinsei OG Sportstyle shoesASICS Gel Kinsei OG Sportstyle shoes

This is one of the best sneakers of ASICS, having quality features. These sneakers are a blend of technologies and styles. Lightweight and full comforts of this sneaker stimulate the buyers to buy this for their use.

So these are very good for running and the good running shoes for high arches. The impact guiding system is introduced in these shoes that control your gaiting and gives a smooth flow.

This special feature is just used to help you moving in rough surfaces while keeping your feet balanced and stable. ORTHOLITE SOCKLINER and TRUSTTIC System give high support and stability to your midsole.

Jel system keeps your heel soft and padding. High cushioning of these sneakers controls your stride and renders your feet luxurious. The outsole is durable and abrasion-resistant and very firmly grips to the surface.

Synthetic rubber-made outsole has a strong grip and gives cushioning effects. Guiderail keeps your stride stable and gives your feet extra flexibility.

Upper mesh is breathable, colourful, stylish and soft in use. Upper is mesh type, used to ventilate air inside. This air circulation is very important for long runners.

Upper mesh keeps your feet dry always. Foamy collar, and sock lining both participate in delivering comfort to the feet and help in long-time wearing. These are very comfortable with light in weight and affordable running shoes.


  • Impressive cushioning.
  • High comfort.
  • Jel technique in heel.
  • Fantastic fit.


  • The upper mesh is low comfortable.
  • Leather material gets stiffness with the passage of time.

9. Brooks Men’s Ghost 12

 Brooks Men’s Ghost 12

This version of Brooks comes with main advance technologies and known as the good running shoes for high arch. DNA loft and BioMoGo loft both work together to deliver a great softness and cushioning while keeping support and response high.

Underfoot remains soft and compact throughout the walk. These advance technologies really outstanding and make the new version better than the old one.

Segmented crash pad under the outsole is very important to give you a balanced stride. This integrated system of the outsole makes each stride stable and gives enough flexibility during flight and landing.

So you will feel cushioning from toe to heel during all transitions. Upper is 3D fit print technology to boost the air ventilation and keep you comfortable from upside.

Mesh style improves its look and assists in breathability. Very efficient working and one of the best styles of this sneaker attract customers.

These sneakers are Jack of all trades and are cheap running shoes. It means it can use for all types of marathons and athletic activities.

Soft and comfort inner midsoles provide impact resistivity and comfort. High flexibility is useful in fast landing and flight. Propels your foot forward and helps you in no effort running.


  • Hugh flexibility from toe to heel.
  • Cushioning is impressive.
  • Advance technologies are used to enhance features.


  • Fitting is insecure.
  • Innersole is moveable.

10. Vionic Women’s Cosmic Casual Codie Metallic Shoes

Vionic Women’s Cosmic Casual Codie Metallic Shoes

This brand of Vionic has a good color scheme and looks casual. These features are likable by women. These are the best running shoes for women with high arches.

Versatile color, style, structure and look improve marketing of this sneaker. Very easy to dress up and dress down add up one more trait in its quality list.

The casual look of these sneakers makes them suitable for different occasions. Elastic straps on the upper promote the fitting and stretchability. Upper is porous and keeps the wearer cool and inexhaustible.

Leather or nubuck in the heel is mesh type and keeps comfort high and helps to circulate air to the heel also. Blister-free material saves you from harm.

Footbed is removable and made of wrapped EVA. Upper is made from porous leather to give breathability and casual look at the same time. Orthaheel technology is used in the heel area to give a firm fitting with high support.

This technology is very good to give you a balanced and stable stride. High and medium arch feet will feel comfortable in these sneakers.

The stability of heel is gained by deep heel cup which keeps heel comfort and tight on its place. The use of these sneakers for few hours can make your feet adoptable for further use.


  • Different advanced technologies are used in this advance
  • Deep heel cup.
  • Casual look.
  • Colour scheme with different styles.


  • Not very firm fit.
  • Cushioning is not outstanding.

Best Running Shoes For High Arches Buyers Guide

Scientifically, it is proved that high arch feet put more tension on the heel. This tension informs manufactures to make a shoe with dense foam midsole and innersole.

People with high arch can’t run for a long time if comfortability is low. So midsole and innersole both collaboratively work and give a full time support and comfort.

Outsole should also flexible and stable to help your flight and landing. Complete fitting with lace-up is very important for running. Upper should be stretchy and mesh type to evaporate moisture easily. Stretchability of upper is ready to grip your foot firmly.

This will give you complete comfort. Foamy collar gives support to your ankle. Outsole should be in an integrated form and should have guiderail to provide flexibility in walk.

Comfort, flexibility, stability and many other points are tested in affordable running shoes. Here are these basic factors for the customers to check before buying.

Comfort and luxury

High arch foot requires more cushioning as compared to other arch positions. A high arch means the inward curve of your foot from toe to heel area.

This type of arch needs more consciousness. Comfort to high arch foot is very important factor and is completely fulfilled in the above enlisted the best running shoes for women with high arches.

This comfort can’t get with only one part of the shoe, instead of different parts collectively work together to contribute in comfort. Innersole and midsole are two basic parts to help in providing us luxury. Innersole should have a pad with dense foam to absorb the pressure of the foot.

A supportive innersole provides cushioning to the foot specially the curvy part. The density of innersole is very high and best suitable for high arch. Footbed is thick and has deep heel to give comfortability to the heel. This deep heel cup fix the foot in shoes and enhance grip.

Cushioning should be on a specific position to work efficiently. The midsole should be also a blend of different synthetic materials that absorbs all pressures of impacts.

The density of midsole foam should also be high. Different technologies in the production of foam have been started now. All these technologies put effort combinedly and produce cushioning.

In selecting a pair of shoes, you can’t ignore the importance of toe room. Upper should also be soft and mesh. Leather made upper should be porous enough to circulate fresh air inside.

A running shoe upper should also be soft in all kinds of environments. It should have the capability to dry early. If porosity in upper is high, air ventilation will be good.

So, feet will remain dry always. If your feel will dry, you will not get exhaustion. Good ventilation not only keeps you dry but also helps you wear shoes for a long period.

You will feel easy if toe area is enough roomy. In this way, hesitation will be minimized and you would wear shoes for long duration. Sock liner majorly contributes in providing comfort to the foot.

Paddy collar keeps your ankle and upper foot more comfortable. If this comfort will be good, you will save yourself from much harm.

We have tried to give you high comfort and leisure in the best running shoes for high arch 2019. By ignoring this factor, you might get bone fracture, tendon rupture, ligament rupture, muscle fatigue and much more.

Comfortability is not only helpful in high arch, but it has some importance for medium arch, flat feet, and low arch.

Stability and Flexibility

Cushioning and comfort are two important factors in the good running shoes for high arches. But we can’t ignore other factors like stability, flexibility, and balancing.

Flexibility and stability both are very important for a long walk, and long run. This flexibility is shown by outsoles especially.

The outsole should be very effective, helping the wearer for long walk and sprint running. It should control all torque produce in rotation.

Outsole is made of synthetic rubber, with a segmented pad. This segmented pad helps in the flexibility of your shoe during the walk and run. The integrated portion of the outsole plays a significant role in flight and landing.

When a runner starts flight, huge pressure propels on the outsole. Then, this outsole spread accordingly need and keeps your foot balance always.

Flexible but firm sole

A very important thing in the outsole is its flexibility. The outsole should be flexible and firm enough to remain stable.

The outsole should allow your shoe to bend completely without being bust. A nice outsole free from wear and tear and live a long life.

Heel support

Heel is a very important part of your foot. The heel cup in the shoe should be deep enough to fix your foot firmly. This cup not only grips your foot but also provides softness. A heel cup allows your foot to sit deep.

Upper is stretchable but not hard

Upper of your shoe shouldn’t harden in different environments. It should be stretchy for your foot size. This fit is also necessary because it helps the foot in fitting strongly. Upper should mould to the shape of your foot easily.


Support is the fundamental need of every wearer and is considered in the best running shoes for men with high arch. A supportive shoe is more applauded by runners. Support is very important for a long time standing on foot and in running. Many things in shoe participate in supporting factors. These things are:

Inner sole

Innersole is the footbed on which your foot keeps in touch always. This innersole should be comfort and soft. But this is the very basic sole in providing support to the foot.

Innersole fits the whole foot and keeps foot supportive. This innersole gives your foot a good shape. It should be light in weight with dense foam. The heavyweight of innersole is disliked by users because it reduces the speed of runners.

Mid Sole

With respect to support, a midsole plays a significant role. A dense foamy midsole manufactured of blend helps in comfort and support both at the same time.

A thick dense material will absorb all impacts and assists in a walk. Running shoes have more thick midsole. This controls the stride by providing support.

Midsole effective use saves you from harm. Shock absorption and vibration damping facility is also provided by the midsole.


Outsole is the third sole that touches the ground all times. This is in direct contact of ground, helping wearer in controlling gait by balancing and flexibility.

It remains stable in the whole motion is controlled by the help of an outsole. Anti-sliding property of shoe is increased with the help of segments on the outsole.

The integrated pad is joined at the out of the outsole. This tends to stable the walk and helps in support during running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best running shoe for high arch?

We have tested all the above-mentioned sneakers and these are our best products. But in all of them, “Brooks Men Glycerin 17” is the truly best running shoes for high arch.

What are the best running shoes for men with a high arch?

Best running shoes for men with high arch require comfort, stability, support, flexibility, and balance. And all the qualities are laid in “Altra AFM1837F Men’s Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoe”.

What are the best running shoes for overpronators for high arch?

For overpronators, extra cushioning, support, and stability are required which you can see in “Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2”.

What are the best running shoes for those who have high arch and weak ankles?

“ASICS Gel Kinsei OG Sportstyle shoes” is the best brand for bad ankles because of it has foamy collar with gel technique in the heel of the shoe.

What are the best comfortable running shoes for high arch?

All the sneakers enlisted before are comfortable enough. But “Brooks Men Glycerin 17” & “Saucony Men’s Ride 10” are the best in comfort.

What are the best socks for running?

Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks and Gold Toe Men’s Harrington crew 6 pack socks are both very good for runners. These both will provide you full softness and a good supportive arch.

Do you wear socks with climbing shoes? 

Socks with climbing shoes may increase the chances of wimbling. It can hurt you. So try to wear shoes without socks to reduce the chance of any mishaps.


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